Great mechanics not only want to give your car back in excellent condition, but they also want to help you keep your car in excellent condition. Ask your mechanic for a maintenance schedule and compare it with the manufacturer’s recommendation in the owner’s manual.
Most car issues have more than one solution. Some mechanics, however, may route you into the most expensive one by not fully explaining your other choices. Ask about all potential routes, and make sure your mechanic explains each one thoroughly. Not every driver is an automotive expert, and that's OK! Don’t feel embarrassed to ask lots of questions. It's your mechanic's job to help you understand the ins-and-outs of your car and help you make the most informed decision.
Drivers often shudder at the sight of a check engine light. However, a check engine light doesn’t always point to a catastrophic fix to your engine. Sometimes, a check engine light can be due to a faulty sensor. Whatever the case may be, our mechanics go over the diagnostics before coming up with an estimate of for any repairs to your engine.
Of course, you’re not an expert. And you probably have no idea about car repairs. However, we suggest that you ask this question, in order to indicate your intention to examine every aspect of your vehicle’s maintenance, before you pay up. It will change the mindset of the mechanic or representative you are dealing with in your favor.
Their response to that question will give you an insight on how reliable they are. Even if they don’t actually show you related papers in advance, they should at least be eager to explain the details of the whole procedure. This will take you one step further in making sure your vehicle is in good hands.
Don’t hesitate to ask any of these questions, even if some of them might sound odd to you. Your vehicle, either you use it for personal or for professional reasons, is ultimately your property . And it’s going to be in their hands, for awhile. So, you are entitled to any question you may have.
This one goes hand in hand with the previous one. Even if the repair shop is certified, this doesn’t mean that your vehicle will be treated by a specialized technician. Or they may even be certified for different makes and models than your own. Try to clarify this one.
It’s a common tactic for some auto repair shops to charge customers extra repair costs. If the extra cost is for a real problem, then they should at least give you a detailed explanation of all the available options, along with their pros and cons. A trustworthy (or honest) expert may even refuse to take on your car’s repair, in case you don’t approve the whole list of repairs. Before you classify this as whimsical behavior, bear in mind that this may be done on account of rectitude and safety. And safety, you can surely appreciate.
Try to minimize the time those repairs are going to be taking. Present them with the reason. You may get your vehicle back earlier than you thought. In some cases, when the repairs unavoidably take too long, auto repair shops may offer you an alternative solution, such as a replacement vehicle or a lift to your destination, if you eventually decide to leave your vehicle with them. Keep in mind, a technician who goes the extra mile to offer you quality service, is almost definitely a great professional.
Chances are, you may not get satisfying answers to all of your questions. However, having this conversation with the technician, is the only way you’ll know better whether you should trust your vehicle to this specific auto repair shop, or not. It will also adjust their mindset towards you as they will realize that they are dealing with a serious customer who takes his/her car maintenance seriously. Finally, when in doubt, always ask for a second opinion. Especially when the suggested cost of repair is really high. Because in the end, you are the one who’s going to pay for it.



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