Apart from serving as a convenient means of transportation, the car that you drive is also a statement of style. Authorities and auto maintenance experts recommend that you take your car for servicing at a reputable auto repair shop like our Absolute Car Care Center in Framingham for several reasons including:

– With a properly serviced vehicle, you will lower your chances of getting involved in an accident caused by malfunctioning/damaged car components
– You will be enhancing the safety of other road users
– You will be reducing the possibility of getting stranded while driving
– A properly serviced and well-maintained car is more aesthetically appealing
– By properly maintaining your vehicle, you are usually preventing its value from dropping

Note that auto repair shops usually differ from each other. Here are several key questions to ask your prospective car maintenance experts if you are looking to find a quality vehicle repair and maintenance center in Framingham, MA …
1. Is the technician who will be in charge of servicing my vehicle trained and what is their level of experience?
2. Do the replacement parts that you sell come with a warranty?
3. How long will it take for the technicians who will be servicing my vehicle to get the job done?
4. Can you provide me with a list of verifiable references?
5. How much will you charge me for the services you intend to provide?

Here at Absolute Car Care, we have built a strong and indelible reputation across United Arab Emirates and the rest of the State for offering affordable yet highly professional car repair and maintenance services for close to three decades. Some of the services that we offer include:

– Car battery servicing
– Oil change
– Air conditioning system repairs
– Maintenance of different internal components such as brakes, mufflers, radiator, fuel system
– Engine maintenance and repairs
– Wheel alignment
– Repairs/maintenance of suspension system

The best part about dealing with our company is that we can carry out servicing or repairs on any type of vehicle (including imported models). Over the years, we have won many accolades for our professional service delivery with the most recent being the

Should you notice the check engine sign in your vehicle blinking, contact us immediately. Not only will we help diagnose the exact malfunctions with your car, we will also carry out a complete examination of all internal and external car systems to help you identify potential problems with your vehicle. Here at Exotic Auto Services, we believe in offering comprehensive help to drivers who visit our auto repair center – and, this is the reason why we are renowned as the top “Check Engine Light” solution providers in United Arab Emirates



How to Tell If It’s a Battery or Alternator Issue

Is your vehicle refusing to start? In most cases, starting problems are caused by either a dying or dead battery or a faulty alternator. Some of the most common signs of battery problems include:

  • No sound or lights when you try to start your vehicle
  • A clicking noise when you turn the key in the ignition
  • An engine that turns over slowly
  • Weaker headlights
  • Backfiring
  • Needing to put your foot on the gas pedal in order to start the car

If you suspect that your battery is dead or dying, you should try jump-starting your vehicle. If your car starts, the battery is the culprit. You should have your battery tested to find out how much life it has left and to determine if the battery needs to be replaced.

If a jump-start doesn’t fix the problem, or if your car isn’t showing these symptoms, it’s possible that your issues are being caused by a bad alternator. Indicators of a faulty alternator include:

  • Issues with your car’s electronics
  • A car that stalls after it starts
  • Whining noises from beneath the hood
  • Burning smells
  • Flickering headlights
  • The alternator warning light turns on

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, and your vehicle doesn’t start or stalls after it’s jump-started, you could be having problems because your alternator is failing to recharge your battery. It’s best to bring your vehicle in for an alternator inspection so that your vehicle can be fixed before the problem gets any worse.

If the battery warning sign in your dashboard is lit up, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the problem lies with your battery. This light can also indicate that there’s an issue with your vehicle’s electrical system. If the voltage for your alternator falls below its intended capacity, the battery warning light will turn on.

Your car’s battery provides an electrical charge that allows your car to start. After your car has started, the alternator sends back electrical current, allowing your battery to charge while your car is running. Not only does this electricity start your car, but it also helps to power all of your vehicle’s electronics.

If your car won’t start, it’s important to figure out why. Whether you’re dealing with a battery or an alternator issue, fast action can keep your car running and can also help you to avoid costly damage. Exotic Auto Services can inspect your vehicle and get to the bottom of the problem. For the average person, diagnosing which part of these two systems could be causing the problem can be difficult. The experts here at Exotic Auto Services can help. Call now for an appointment +971 2 5555 563, or use the ‘Quick Contact’ on our site.




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